Veterinary Appreciation Day

If Our Pets Could Talk They Would Say ‘Thank You’ to All the Veterinary Professionals Making Their Lives Better POSTED ON : June 17th, 2022 Established by Trupanion in 2015, Veterinary Appreciation Day recognizes veterinary professionals every year on June 18 SYDNEY– June 17, 2022 – Our pets often show their appreciation through tail wags… Read More

Can Dogs Get Colds?

Dog Owner Questions Answered The sniffles can affect your pet at any time. From a seasonal change, traveling, or a cold winter snap, your furry family member may become sick. With cold and flu season around the corner, you may find yourself asking, “Can dogs get colds?” Because of this, we sat down with Trupanion… Read More

How to Crate Train a Puppy

A pet owner guide on how to crate train a puppy By: Kelli Rascoe Having a new puppy in your home is a fun and exciting time! While a puppy is adorable and fun to play with, training your new best friend is beneficial as they grow and develop. Naturally, training is valuable for all… Read More

How to Help a Stressed Dog

The holidays are fun-filled, joyous, times—for humans. But for dogs, it can be a stressful experience. As responsible pet owners, it is beneficial for your pets—as well as your family—to know how to help a stressed dog. Whether you’re traveling with your pets for the holidays or hosting a house-hold full of guests, every experience… Read More