Puppy toilet training

Bringing home a new puppy is undoubtedly an exciting time in life. They are cute, silly, cuddly, and loads of fun– until you have to clean up an accident. Fortunately, puppies are quick learners and can be potty-trained within a matter of days with the help of a consistent schedule and an open-minded owner! House-training a… Read More

Dogs, cats & chocolate

Humans love chocolate for all occasions, whether it’s birthdays, holidays, or any day in between. Unfortunately, chocolate in all forms is poisonous to our pets and should be kept away from them entirely. Who is at risk? Cats and dogs are both at risk of chocolate poisoning. However, there are more reported cases of dogs… Read More

Are cats colour blind?

If you’re like most cat owners, you probably have a basket full of brightly coloured toys for your cat to play with. Fuzzy mice in different shades, balls with tiny bells in them for batting around, colourful feathers to chase—but do cats actually see all of these different colours? Are the vibrant hues just an… Read More

Adopting a 6 Month Old Puppy

Guest Blogger | March 8, 2021 With a recent move, new home, and two furry family members already established as a part of the pack, we thought that there was no better time to expand the family. Pets change the family dynamic. And, without a doubt, a 6 month old puppy brings a special energy to… Read More