Who we are

Australian expertise supported by a strong global pedigree

20 years putting pets first

Trupanion disrupted the North American pet insurance market two decades ago with an innovative approach to health insurance that puts pets first.

Industry leaders

Trupanion was the first provider to offer a policy with no payout limits, and we pioneered the technology that allows us to pay claims direct to your vet at checkout.

Over 600,000 pets covered

Today we’re proud to cover more than 600,000 pets globally—and we’ve paid out more than $1.7B (billion dollars (USD)) in claims in North America alone.

Why we brought Trupanion to Australia

We want to bring our simple, high-quality cover with no payout limits to pet owners in Australia. We’re here because of our passion to help the pets we all love receive the best veterinary care—based on what’s best, not what’s affordable—for their entire life.

We want to follow the footsteps of Trupanion in North America and continue to innovate to give our members and most importantly, their pets, the best experience possible.

Dr. Stephen Rose

“I wish Trupanion was around when I was working full-time as a vet.”
Dr Stephen Rose, Veterinarian & Founder, Trupanion Australia

Meet our Aussie founder

Dr Steve Rose grew up in a home full of Jack Russell puppies—a dream boyhood with plenty of puppy cuddles and lots of puppy love that inspired him to become a vet. 

Dr Steve worked with his wife, Dr Lorraine, to establish one of the most successful vet hospitals in a beautiful beach-side town on the Mid North Coast of NSW. Dr Steve’s clients praise him for his honesty and empathy, in addition to his medical expertise and compassion in helping pets.

Trupanion Australia allows Dr Steve to expand his efforts far beyond helping one patient at a time at his hospital. He aspires to offer every Australian pet and their family the chance to get veterinary help when they need it most. That’s why Dr Steve is proud to have founded and lead Trupanion Australia.

Our Australian journey

As a vet with 18 years of experience, Dr Steve was already well-versed in the benefits of pet insurance for his clients and their pets. He experienced firsthand the practical benefits of insurance, as well as the shortcomings of traditional pet insurance products. Pet parents forced to pay upfront for care and wait for a reimbursement cheque would also be frustrated by confusing limits and sublimits for cover.

The problem we’re trying to solve is simple: we want to help pet owners budget for veterinary expenses when their pet gets sick or hurt. No one can predict whether their pet will be “unlucky” and face many health issues or need expensive treatment.

A savings account can help pay for large, unexpected vet bills, but it’s only as good as what you put in. Trupanion members know they’ll always be able to get their pet the care they need—regardless of the cost.

Simply put: we love pets.