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Request reporting data on your litters with a Go Home Day Offer

Print and deliver the offer in person:


Save your personalized Go Home Day Offer (attached to your on-boarding email).


Print whenever your litter is ready to go home.


Hand off to your buyers on pickup day.

Remember: Buyers must activate their Go Home Day Offer themselves, within 24 hours of bringing their pet home. Please remind them so they don’t miss out. Your buyers can call us 24/7 on 1300 328 049 to activate their free cover.   

Breeder Partner FAQ

You have questions, we have answers.

Do I need to register my litter with you?

You do not have to register your litter with us. It is up to your buyers to activate their offer. You just need to provide it to them, and let them know to activate within 24 hours of getting their new pet.

Can I activate for my buyers?

No. The buyer must be the one who activates their offer from Trupanion. There are three reasons:

  1. It’s illegal for somebody to activate insurance in someone else’s name unless you’re a properly licensed producer/agent.
  2. When a breeder activates, buyers don’t understand what they’re getting and it can result in confusion about coverage resulting in a poor experience for the buyer.
  3. It is the buyer that decides if our coverage suits their needs or not.

Can I get a discount on my own policy?

Unfortunately, our pricing model does not allow us to offer breeder discounts at this time.

Is there a breeder policy?

No. At this time, we have no group plan for breeders. Each pet must be enrolled individually.

Can I use this for puppies/kittens that I’ve already sent to homes?

No. Because of our 24-hour activation window, you can only provide information about this opportunity with pets as they’re leaving your home — not after they already left. We encourage buyers who have already received their pets to check with their veterinarian to see if they provide our Exam Day Offers.

Is there any time limit on when the offers can be used?

The Go Home Day Offer must be activated by the new owner within 24 hours of them picking up their pet. Once activated it provides 30 days free cover, after which it will auto-expire. If they choose to buy a Trupanion policy they keep the benefits of the waived waiting periods and still won’t need to pay until the 30 day free cover has expired.

How much does coverage cost per month for buyers?

The monthly premium is specific to each pet and based on a few factors, including age, breed, gender, location, and excess. If you or the new owner would like to get a better idea of what the monthly premium would be, we encourage you to call us at 1300 328 042 or get a quote online.

Is there any kind of incentive for me?

No. Due to insurance regulations, we’re unable to incentivize breeders based on activations or enrollments.

I’m interested in signing up my own pets.

That’s great news! For your own pets please speak with our team about enrolling on a policy 1300 328 042.Go Home Day Offers are only suitable for your buyers.

Is there a discount for multiple pets?

We are unable to offer a discount for enrolling multiple pets

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