Trupanion Partner Program

Why Partner with Trupanion?

Get back time, wow your clients.

Trupanion can help you streamline your operations by eliminating paperwork, reducing credit card fees, and maximising cash flow with direct payments to your hospital.

Partner with us:

  • Fast easy claims submission and easy client checkout
  • Claim assessments finished and sent to you in just minutes 
  • No more credit card fees—our payment goes straight to your hospital’s bank account
  • Priority support at no cost to you
  • Your clients can access 30 days free cover with no waiting periods

Unlimited possibilities when you partner with Trupanion


The entire Trupanion claim experience is paperless—from submission to decision. And, we pay first directly to your hospital, so pet owners don’t have to wait for a reimbursement.


When pet owners are financially prepared for the unexpected, they have fewer barriers and stronger bonds with veterinarians over time. Trupanion members are active at hospitals 3X longer than non-insured clients.


Clients with a Trupanion policy spend 2X more at hospitals compared to non-insured pet owners. They’re also more likely to use a hospital’s in-house pharmacy.


When treatment costs aren’t out of reach, pet owners can explore all their options


Whether it’s a walk-in, emergency, or scheduled appointment, pets with a Trupanion policy visit hospitals 2X more than non-insured pets.


When decision making isn’t dictated by cost, veterinarians don’t need a plan B. Clients with insured pets can take the best course of action.

*Results from the 2015 US & Canadian Trupanion hospital data analysis study.

Want to change the pet insurance experience?

Find out how Trupanion can help you save time, money, and create a better experience for your clients.