Boy scratching chin of grey tabby cat

A better kind of pet insurance

What makes Trupanion better?

We’re pet lovers, first and foremost; and that love is baked into everything we do. The Trupanion policy was designed by veterinarians from the ground up to help pets get the best care.

The idea behind Trupanion began when our founder and CEO, Darryl Rawlings, lost his childhood dog to a treatable illness. His family could not afford the treatment, so their beloved pet was euthanised.

That moment is what drives us to do what we do: no one should have to choose to not save their beloved pet based on their budget.

Other pet insurance providers focus on keeping their claims costs low by excluding many events and illnesses. That’s great for their bottom line, but it doesn’t help pets.

We’re taking the cost of veterinary care out of the treatment conversation—whether it’s for a quick visit to treat an accident or establishing long-term care for a chronic condition.