Veterinary Resources

Resources for you and your clients

Dedicated Hospital Support

With Trupanion, you’re never on your own. We have not only Business Partners out in the field supporting hospitals every day, from training to answering claim questions, but also dedicated Hospital Partners to give you to your hospital concierge support throughout.

Client Education:

We can help you and your team understand how to talk about insurance. It’s simple.

“Who’s your pet’s insurance provider?”

Have you considered pet insurance for your pet?

You don’t sell insurance and we don’t want you to. Let us guide you through the key discussions and ways to engage with your clients about money, BEFORE it becomes an issue.

Our Commonly Claimed Conditions guide, highlighted in more details below, gives insight into what medical conditions your clients can expect in their pets’ lives.

Find out more by speaking to your dedicated Hospital Partner on 1300 330 234.

Social media is hard in busy hospitals! Let us help.

To make your life easier and help your practice succeed, we are providing free social media content for you to use to engage with your clients.

Colleague Consult

Colleague Consult was created by Trupanion in effort to support veterinary professionals of every level. A digital library of valuable resources addressing the everyday challenges faced in today’s veterinary world, Colleague Consult tackles a variety of topics providing ideas and solutions for all team members. Bonus! All courses are RACE® approved.

Even more fabulous and free CE training options

In addition to our RACE-approved CE courses offered through Colleague Consult, we have partnered with MightyVet to share their extensive catalog of free RACE-approved continuing education courses. You’ve paid enough for your education – you shouldn’t have to pay for your CE credits, too.

For Your Clients

Commonly Claimed Conditions Guide

Our Commonly Claimed Conditions guide began as a request from a veterinarian. It offers insight into the cost of care for the lifetime of a pet.

Pro-tip: Download, print, and place in your exam rooms to help start the conversation.

Or call Hospital Support – 1300 330 234

More resources for your clients

Reach out to our team about getting a copy of these great client resources

Health Guide – Kitten’s First Year

Health Guide – Puppy First Year

Questions to ask an insurer

Puppy Socialisation checklist

10-minute mental health breaks

We know you don’t have a lot of free time in your day, but we also know it’s important for your mental and physical health to take a few minutes to clear your mind and focus on yourself. So, we have put together these videos you can watch when you find just 10 minutes in your day to focus on you.

Positive Visualisation

Learn simple, low-stress techniques to care for yourself and others from Dr. Sally Foote


Get the blood flowing and take a stretch with Dr. Katie Berlin

Take a walk in nature

Use all your senses to feel better with Dr. Sally Broder