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Trupanion Breeder Program
  1. Buyer Access to Free Cover
  2. Support every step of the way
  3. Peace of mind for you and your buyer

Protect your litters from the unexpected when they head to their new homes.

Contact Us

1300 330 241
AU[email protected].au

Ease of Use

  • Our Go Home Day Opportunity waives the waiting periods. Ask your buyers if they’d like this unique opportunity and we’ll handle the rest.
  • Yes – Free 30 days no obligation cover for your buyers
  • We provide free informational kits to include in your puppy or kitten packs.

Dedicated Support

  • Your Breeder Support Team will be there for you through your continued participation.
  • We can provide data and insights to you.


  • Connect with our Team and fellow Breeders at events throughout Australia, US and Canada.

  • Join our Facebook group and network, share your experience and be first to learn about new offers.

Breeder Support Program FAQ’s

What is the Trupanion Breeder Support program?

The Breeder Support Program allows your buyers to go home with a special Go Home Day Opportunity. This offer allows your buyers to try out Trupanion so they can get a happy, healthy start in their new home with absolutely no obligation (well they have to let us know their details, so we know who we are covering!). This offer completely waives our waiting periods, so the coverage goes into effect immediately, should pets get into any mischief.

How does the Go Home Day Opportunity work?

It’s simple! Once you sign on to participate, we’ll email you a PDF of the personalized offer. Give them the flyer when they come to pick up their new pet. From there, it’s up to the new owner to call or go online within 24 hours to activate their complimentary coverage.

How much does it cost for me to join?

The Breeder Support Program is completely free to be a part of—there will never be a cost to you.

What do I get for participating?

Peace of mind that buyers of your carefully raised litter have the opportunity to activate 30 days free insurance from Trupanion. A dedicated account manager assigned to you. Your account manager will provide a PDF of the Go Home Day Opportunity and informational materials to include in your puppy/kitten packs. We also periodically offer Trupanion goodies as a thank you.

We are unable to compensate breeders for participating in our program.

What information do buyers need to activate?

You won’t be activating on their behalf. To activate, the owner will provide us their contact information and some basic information about their pet. We don’t ask for any payment information because this coverage is free. They have 30 days to enjoy this premium coverage, and if they want to continue after this cover has expired and keep the significant benefits of no waiting periods they can purchase cover by going online or phoning our friendly team.

Are hereditary and congenital conditions covered? What about spay/castration?

Any new accident or illness is eligible for coverage, including hereditary and congenital diseases.* Additionally, all pets receive the same coverage regardless of breed — we have no breed restrictions or exclusions.

We don’t cover pre-existing conditions, including those that are already showing signs or symptoms prior to activation. Wellness or preventative care and spay/neuter are also not eligible for coverage. You can learn more about our coverage here.

You can also call us any time with your policy questions at 1300 328 042. We are here 24/7.

Can I prepay for my buyer’s insurance coverage for a set amount of time?

No. While a lot of breeders have asked for this, it’s not something that our current billing system supports.

Disclaimer: All statements above are general in nature and intended to be educational. They are not intended to be used for individual approval. Each situation and claim will be reviewed on an individual basis. For the answer above, we assume that the pet and pet owner comply with our policy wording. Cover is based on our policy wording.

Terms and conditions apply. See the policy for complete details.

Protect your litters from the unexpected when they head to their new homes.

Call 1300 330 241.