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Medical Record Summary

You deserve complete transparency—and we’ll try provide it from the start

You should know exactly what to expect from your coverage. That’s why our members receive a Medical Record Summary (formally Coverage Summary) that details each pet’s health history, listing anything that existed before coverage began. We start collecting your pet’s medical records as soon as your waiting periods have ended so that your personalised document can be created.

We’re unique in the industry in providing this level of transparency from the start.


Because we love informed decisions and want you to fully understand your pet’s coverage from Trupanion.

The Medical Record Summary also helps us spend less time reviewing medical records and more time approving claims, leaving you to get back to snuggles and belly rubs. And while we do our very best to collect all records, if additional medical records are uncovered after we issue your Medical Record Summary, we may alter and reissue your report.

Our personalised Medical Record Summaries show exactly what you can expect from your pet’s coverage

Green Medical Record Summary

No Pre-Existing Conditions

Medical Record Summaries are based on the complete records provided to us and is guaranteed for the lifetime of the pet’s coverage. We make every effort to ensure they are accurate. It will change only if we get new information from you or your veterinarian that relates to the health history before your cover starts or during waiting periods.

Orange Medical Record Summary

Let’s look at this example


If Toby had a FEVER in future our claims specialists would check whether the condition is MEDICALLY RELATED to the previous fever. Lot’s of injuries and illnesses cause fevers and we don’t think it’s fair that just because Toby had a fever before he should be excluded from cover for medically unrelated conditions.

In the section “What could be covered (or not)”, there is lots of things listed, should I be concerned?

These are simply notes in their history, they are NOT pre-existing conditions and in most cases won’t be medically related to any future conditions so may welll have no bearing on coverage. This is simply a summary (list) of the history to save time for our claims team when a claim comes in for your pet.

What if I disagree with the Medical Records Summary?

If you believe we have made a mistake or missed something in your pet’s records please follow our appeal process as we always want accurate records for your pet. Please note, that the section “What we may or not cover” is simply a summary of your pet’s notes, there is no benefit or reason to ask for these to be altered if they are listed. Don’t worry, these are not necessarily or commonly considered pre-existing conditions.

If my pet has conditions listed, does that mean my insurance is not worthwhile keeping?

Whilst that is always for you to determine if it suits your needs, remember that pets get a very wide variety of illnesses and injuries! Even though there may be conditions we won’t cover, there are still unlimited reasons that your pets might need to get treatment over the course of it’s life. Having Trupanion for these unexpected situations can allow you to focus on getting the right care for your pet and family.

What if I have dental listed as not covered because I haven’t had a dental check?

Your pet requires a complete dental exam from a veterinarian every 12 months to ensure dental coverage. Dental illness or injury coverage will start from the date of your pet’s first dental exam after enrolment. Any pre-existing dental conditions evident at that first exam is ineligible for coverage.

How does Trupanion decide if a condition is Medically Related to signs listed on a Medical Records Summary?

Medically related means signs or evidence that are reasonably connected based on well recognised current veterinary knowledge and practice. See our policy for the definitions and terms.

Here is some more information from our policy regarding medically related conditions.

What if I think my pet’s Medical Records Summary is wrong?

You can appeal a decision on your MRS if you or your veterinarian feels we have made a mistake in reading the medical records supplied by your treating veterinarian. 

The first step is for you to call 1300 328 042 to discuss your medical records summary document with one of our expert team. 

If you feel we have still made a mistake, discuss with your treating vet and have them note why they feel we have made a mistake and forward your email along with their supporting letter to [email protected] and we can continue the appeals process. 

Please Note – 70% of pets that enrol do have something listed in their medical records summary. 

  • This document is made to provide transparency in your coverage and  to help us ensure that your claims can be processed much quicker.   
  • Your medical records summary only includes information that is communicated to us by your veterinary clinic within your pets medical records 

You can also download a flyer about the Orange Medical Records Summary