Veterinarian in exam room with dog

Why Trupanion for veterinarians?

How does Trupanion benefit veterinarians?

A: We enable veterinarians to recommend optimal treatment without having their decisions dictated by the cost of treatment and the financial burden on the pet owner. As a result, we believe veterinarians are able to establish stronger ties and better alignment with their clients. Extensive experience in Canada and USA demonstrates our members tend to visit veterinarians more frequently and select the best course of treatment for their pet regardless of cost. Trupanion and veterinarians are aligned. This is a win for pet owners. Trupanion does not dictate the cost or control the standard of care. Rather, we support accurate care for a pet, and maintain our real value proposition through all levels of care and pricing.

Why did founder of Trupanion Australia launch the experience here?

A: I wish Trupanion was available when I was consulting. As a veterinarian in Australia for the last 2 decades I have a deep and raw understanding of the problem that cost of treatment takes away the opportunity of the right kind of conversation about treatment that families need to be having with their trusted veterinarian. Most people have very little idea as to the true cost of complex or ongoing medical care for their pet, often finding out the hard way after their pet gets sick.The problem pet owners face is simple. It’s very difficult to budget for unexpected illnesses or injuries during a pets life. Traditional pet insurance plans in the Australian market don’t solve this simple problem.

Trupanion uniquely solves this by delivering one simple plan with no payout limits or sub limits.I love animals, the incredible warmth, love and fun they bring to families lives. I’ve worked on countless emergency cases on call and overnight. Compassionately guiding families through tragedy and trauma, as well as chronic illness in their loved family pets was part of the genuine gift of being their family veterinarian.But the common thread in treatment decisions was money. Using data and experience from paying over a billion dollars (USD) in claims over 20 years in North America, Trupanion deeply understands the average cost of veterinary care for pets. Being able to make a difference to pets lives at scale, this was the solution I had been looking for.This truly broad coverage changes the conversations at the hospital. Pet insurance doesn’t solve this problem that pets owners face, but the Trupanion Plan does.At the core, Trupanion enables pet owners to make the decisions in the best interest of their loved pet, a disruption to the existing status quo of the relationship between the pet owner, insurers and veterinarians in Australia.Great value insurance isn’t about being cheap or getting a return on your premium. It’s about having the scope of cover that allows you to make choices about your pet’s life that is best for the whole family. Hopefully the more you read the clearer it is how truly different Trupanion is. Dr Stephen Rose – Veterinarian, founder and Managing Director Trupanion Australia. Learn more about our founder here [Link to My page]

Q: What drives us at Trupanion Australia?

A: Simple. Our passion for pets to get the best possible veterinary care that they deserve. To allow pet owner and veterinary hospital staff to discuss the best course of treatment whatever that may entail. Taking cost of veterinary care out of the treatment conversation whether it be a long term illness or a short term accident.

Q: Why do you have members and not customers?

A: Philosophically this is a very important way we view the people that insure their pet with us. We have written our policy, price our single plan and assess our claims based on what is fair to all our members. We don’t seek to treat any of our members differently to another.

Q: Why are you focused on the veterinary industry?

A: The experts that treat pets are the ones that understand the daily conversations about costs with their clients when the unexpected happens. It’s where our uniqueness really shines, where it counts, when the pet is sick or injured at the veterinary hospital. Deliberately we are not a retail insurance product that pays commissions on sales, we are a veterinary focused end to end product that has one problem to solve – pet owners can’t budget for the unexpected. Our leader so happens to be a veterinarian with a deep understanding of the practical needs and uses of insurance to help pets (that makes a real difference for hospitals).