Veterinary Nurse and Technician Appreciation

Recognise a Vet Nurse or Tech making a difference!

The ongoing support provided by Vet Nurses and Vet Technicians gives us the assurance we need to know that our pets are in the safest hands when it comes to their care. We want the best for our pets, and Vet Nurses and Techs strive to ensure that only the best service is provided.

Do you know a Vet Nurse or Tech who consistently goes the extra mile to ensure that they make a positive impact on all pets and pet parents they encounter? Let them know! Show your appreciation for your nurses and techs by rewarding them with the same levels of kindness that they show towards you and your pet(s).

Thank you, Veterinary Nurses and Technicians!

Hear a message of gratitude for Vet Techs everywhere from Trupanion President, Margi Tooth.

We invite you to recognise a Veterinary Technician by submitting a story that highlights the positive impact made in your hospital, or to a pet and pet parent’s life. Share an inspirational story, act of kindness, or a moment that displays how they are making a difference. Throughout the month of October, we will select stories each week to highlight on our social media channels. Follow along on Facebook and LinkedIn!