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We’re here to answer your questions regarding your Offer and how to activate or continue your cover.

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What is an offer?

The Trupanion Offer program gives pet owners with healthy, young pets that have been examined by their veterinarian the chance to experience the Trupanion policy for 30 days without waiting periods and for no upfront payment. We also have a similar opportunity through breeders that part of our program to for their buyers to access the same free cover.

How do I get an offer?

Veterinarians who are part of our program can provide offers after either a veterinarian exam. Talk to your primary veterinarian to see if they can provide factual information about Trupanion offers. You may otherwise ask the breeder you purchased your puppy or kitten from if they are are part of our program.

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Is it the same as a full policy?

You get our full policy and everything we cover when you activate an offer. There are no caps, limits, or penalties for filing claims. You’ll also have access to our pet-loving customer care team, available 24/7 to answer any questions.

We love informed decisions. See our policy for full cover details.

Offer commences on 1st November 2023 at 11:30am AEDT and ends on 31st December 2026 11:30am AEDT (Offer Period). Offer provides new and existing customers with a one-time 30 days free for new pets when you validly activate a Trupanion Pet Insurance Policy within 24 hours of your pet’s veterinary exam or of going home with your pet, during the Offer Period (Offer). You will not be charged a premium instalment or be required to provide payment details for 30 days, from the selected policy commencement date. Should you elect to purchase a policy following the Offer expiring, you will be required to pay monthly premiums.

Offer applies to new Trupanion Pet Insurance policies activated during the Offer Period, online or by phone by using a supplied promo code: or

Offer is automatically applied at the time of activating the Trupanion Pet Insurance Policy.

Not available with any other offer. Offer subject to the terms and conditions of theTrupanion Pet Insurance Policy. Eligibility criteria applies for Trupanion Pet Insurance and is subject to the Trupanion Pet Insurance terms and conditions (Refer to the Product Disclosure Statement).  Invalid offers (that are activated without meeting the eligibility criteria) do not receive the benefits of the offer. Trupanion Pet Insurance reserves the right to withdraw, vary or extend this Offer at any time, without notice.